Happy Friday friends,

I’m so excited for this blog post! I’ve been waiting to share Aria’s nursery for a while. I finally got everything organized, and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! Christina Gorelikova (IG: @gorelikova) was the photographer for this photoshoot. Loved all the sweet moments she captured. Aria’s room is my favorite room in our condo (:

At firs, we got Aria a grey crib. Even though it was an amazing crib, I’ve always wanted a white crib. I had an opportunity to work with Delta Children and they sent me Adley Crib in whiteToddler Mattress, and Freedom Changing Table. Not only is Adley Crib super cute it’s a 3-in-1 convertible crib. And the mattress is super comfortable, that I fall asleep in the crib with Aria most of the nights. I did not have a changing table when Aria was an infant, and I regret it! Freedom Changing Table makes it much easier to change diapers and has a lot of room for storage on the bottom.

Another favorite item in Aria’s room is her Spinkie Canopy in Light Pink. It’s by far Aria’s favorite corner to run and watch cartoons and read books. Lately she likes to bing all her stuffed animals and lay there with them. I also got Spinkie Pom Garland in White and it completes the canopy so well!

I created this little shelf above the changing table. Aria’s silhouette is from Dapper and Darling. And the rest of the accessories and gold picture frame are from Target (including the shelf).

I have tried a lot of different baby monitors and Motorola Wifi Video Camera is by far my favorite!

I use the shelves on the bottom of the changing table for Aria’s shoes, bath products, and diapers/wipes. I got these beautiful woven storage bins from TJMAXX.

I remember growing up and marking the wall to see if I got taller. We got a wooden growth chart from Wooden Grove to mark Aria and our future children. You can customize your own chart with different colors of wood.

One of my favorite baby shower gifts I received was this rocking chair from Target. I remember holding baby Aria, rocking her and falling asleep together.

I got The Birth Poster of all Aria’s measurements when she was born. I was looking for a perfect frame to frame the big poster. When I came across HIGHLAND HARDWARE frames I knew I had to get one. I love the simplicity of the acrylic frame and the best part is that they do custom frames to fit any size.

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