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Hello lovelies,

I cannot believe that my baby is almost 6 months! Time is flying by so fast. I started to introduce solids at 5 months. My plan is to start with veggies and when she turns one years old, I will start with fruit. I did research on what blender to get. If you are a momma, you know that time is essential. That’s why I love Baby Breeza, it has an option to steam and blend at the same time. Butternut squash was one of the first items I introduced to Aria and she loves it!

I wash and cut this butternut squash in four pieces. I will only give her one slice because the whole squash is too much to make.

Next step, I cut each piece in little cubes. I will blend one piece and freeze the other three.

I love how simple and small Baby Brezza is!

Add water, in the top white container (to steam veggies).

Then put the squash in the blender.

There is an option, to steam and blend. I put the timer for 25 mins and when squash is steamed it will automatically start blending. It’s so convenient! Meanwhile I can go clean and run other errands in the house.

Then press the green button to start the process (:

All done! (:

Now we are ready to eat…

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