Baby Moon – Hawaii

If you have never heard of a baby moon and you are pregnant, my advice take advantage of it! It is a relaxing and romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born. Oh how much I was looking forward to that vacation! We stayed at a beautiful hotel with a water slide (Meesh loved it, Haha). My favorite beach was Kolaoa in Kua Bay. It felt like a private beach, with beautiful, soft, white sand. The water was so clear and blue, you can’t even imagine. We explored the beautiful Waipi’o Valley, went to the Black Sand Beach and Hawaii National Park, where we saw an active volcano. I even tried paddle boarding for the first time, even though I was mostly sitting and Meesh had to push me back to shore. I can now definitely cross that off my bucket list.

Until next time Hawaii, Mahalo!

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