Cruise 2018

Hi friends,

I haven’t been here for a while but excited to get back and start writing blogs. We just got back from our family vacation and we all went on a cruise to Mexico. To be completely honest, I’m not the biggest fan of cruises but It was my husbands, Meeshs’, first time and I really enjoyed it! My parents, my brother, Meesh, Aria and I all went on the cruise. We went on Carnaval Cruise which was a quick 4 day trip. The ship was nice, a little bit outdated but had a really cool waterpark on the top floor, a heated pool, and few jacuzzi’s. Aria loved swimming in the pools, even though the weather was in the mid 60’s.

We got to beautiful Catalina Island. I seriously, was so impressed with it. I felt like Europe! Boats everywhere, cute little cafes and boutiques, hotels on the beach. We rented a little go cart and went all over the Island. It was so fun, defiantly recommend it if you ever go there.

Went to this cute little Cafe Metropole and had some sweet potato fries and smoothies. And they also had a really good brew house with amazing vanilla lattes.

Romper from Urban Outfitter, click HERE for the link. Snickers, click HERE for the link.

Next day, was a sea day and we stayed on the boat the whole day. Went to the pool, ate a lot, and went to the jacuzzi at night. The following day we woke up in Ensenda, Mexico. We got off the boat, got a taxi driver, and drove to the Ensenada Blow Hole.

We had to go through this bazar to get to the Blow Hole. They had bunch of random things there were selling there. On the way, we got delicious churros, corn and fish tacos. Got Aria the cutest Mexican outfit haha.

After the Ensenada Blow Hole, we went back to our taxi car and drove to a place where you can ride horses. I’ve rode horses before but for some reason I was so scared this time. I think ever since I gave birth to Aria, I became more cautious and more scared of extreme sports. But It was a beautiful walk along the beach, and Aria loves petting the horses.

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