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Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share with you one of my FAVORITE sleeping products ever… DOCKATOT! Not only it’s my favorite but also Aria’s. She has been using DockAtot ever since she was born. Ever since Aria has been an infant we have used DockAtot. Now she sleeps 10-12 hours straight each night and DockAtot has played a huge role. There are two sizes DockAtot Deluxe and DockAtot Grand.

DockAtot Deluxe is for babies from 0-8 months old (5-22lbs). It’s a safe and comfortable spot for baby to play, lounge, rest, and even get diaper changes. It also great if you are co-sleeping with you baby.

DockAtot Grand is what Aria is currently using. She is so obsessed with this product, that anytime she see’s it, she immediately goes and lays down on it. Aria knows that DockAtot means nap time (: It’s from age 9 – 36 months (22-44lbs). Because we travel so much it’s absolutely ideal product! Also, it’s great for bed transitioning.

For travels we use the On The Go Grand Transport bag where we put the DockAtot in. We’ve been taking it to airports, car rides, and train rides. Makes it so easy for our baby to feel at home where we go (:

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