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Hi friends! Before giving birth to Vienna I wanted to exclusively breastfeed her. But more importantly I wanted to make sure I had enough milk. When Aria was little I did not have a lot of milk supply. I had just enough for each feeding. I’ve tired pumping more and eating different bars but it did not help. This time around I have more than enough milk, and I’m able to freeze some milk for the future.

I daily get questions on what I’m doing to get more milk supply. My delivery and postpartum has been going very well. And I believe that stress decreases milk supply. Also, I started to drink Earth Mama Organics teas before giving birth and right after. And ever since my milk came in, I’ve had more than enough! Right after birth I started to drink Organic Milkmaid Tea that consists of organic herbs traditionally used to help support healthy breast milk production and promote healthy lactation. It’s tasty ice or hot and the recipe is French Vanilla Chai with Organic Milkmaid Tea (Certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified).  Also, I packed Organic Periodic Tea in my hospital bag and right after birth I started to drink it also. It helps with bleeding, cramping and the hormone shifts we experience after birthing your baby AND placenta.

To be honest, I absolutely love all Earth Mama Organics products. I wish I had these products after giving birth to Aria. Especially if you delivered vaginally, please do yourself a favor and get:

It will help with the healing process much quicker!

Also, as I mentioned in my previous post, breastfeeding was so painful and difficult! And Organic Nipple Butter and Booby Tubes helped a so much! Especially the first two weeks after giving birth and trying to breastfeed.

Not only Earth Mama Organics has products for the mama but also baby. A Little Something for Baby is a perfect baby shower gift and amazing products for your little one. It includes:

I use all these products on Vienna daily. If you are interested in any of Earth Mama Organics products, they were so kind to create a 20% discount code “VIENNA” that’s valid through September 20th, 2019.

These are amazing products and benefit the health mamas and babies.

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