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It’s July 17th and passed 1am and I cannot believe that I just packed my hospital bag! And sitting here writing this blog post is serial! I’ve done this before (with Aria) and doing it second time around I feel like I’m more prepared. I’m scheduled to get induced on July 18th at 9am and finally ready for baby girl to come. Today finished deep cleaning at my apartment. Bought last minute baby items like bottles, diaper pale, and bottle sterilizer. Meesh cleaned our car and put the carseat in. Everything feels ready and we are beyond excited to meet her! Wanted to share what I had packed for the hospital. Hope this helps any mama’s to be!! xxE


– ID
– insurance
– hospital paperwork
– robe – click HERE
– blanket x2
– button up pjs – click HERE
– maxi dress – click HERE
– going home outfit
– large undies x 4 – click HERE
– Nursing bra
– Nursing tank
– cozy socks – click HERE
– sandals (Shower) – click HERE


– slippers – click HERE
– sleeping mask – click HERE
– toothbrush
– mouthwash
– makeup remover wipes – click HERE
– Rosewater makeup mists – click HERE
– moisturizer
– chapstick -click HERE
– my makeup bag
– hairbrush
– hair ties/bobby pins – click HERE
– stretch marks oil/cream – click HERE
– Eye gels – click HERE
– Nipple cream – click HERE
– Nursing pads – click HERE


– LoveMajka – click HERE

Im taking LoveMajka bites with me to the hospital. You can start taking them while you’re pregnant and when the baby is born and you’re nursing. With Aria, I tried breastfeeding and it was so hard! I ended up pumping for 9 months. My milk supply was just enough for her feeding and it was hard for me to store extra milk. Im super excited to start using LoveMajka! I heard from friends that their milk supply increased dramatically because of their products. Lactation Bites contain galactagogues, good fats, fiber, and antioxidants. And Nourishing Lactation Powder is an ultra-nourishing blend of bioavailable vitamins, minerals, protein, greens, phytonutrients, and herbs formulated to fight postnatal depletion while supporting and nourishing your milk supply. If you’re about to give birth or a mama who is struggling with milk supply, I defiantly recommend to try LoveMajka!


– charger – click HERE
– nursing pillow – click HERE
– camera
– camera charger
– Bose music click HERE
– pack of gum
– headphones


– diaper bag – click HERE
– car seat – click HERE
– pacifier – click HERE
– baby blanket
– swaddles
– outfits/swaddles – click HERE
– hats/bows
– baby lotion
– felt board – click HERE


– pjs
– 2/3 sets of clothes
– 4 sets of clean underwear
– phone charger
– snacks
– slippers
– flip flops
– toiletries


– Stuffed Animal – click HERE
– Kinder Surprise
– Book


– Haakaa breast pump – click HERE
– Motif breast pump – click HERE
– dermoplast- click HERE
– always overnight pads – click HERE
– miralax / colace – click HERE
– tucks – click HERE
– sweatpants – mfpeople click HERE
– Momwasher Peri Bottle – click HERE
– bellyBandit – belly wrap – click HERE
– Leak resistant nursing bra – click HERE

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