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If you have been following me, I have been doing Paleo Cleanse for the past 3 weeks. I’ve wanted to cleanse my body and start eating and making healthier choices. To be honest, it has gotten difficult to be creative with meals.

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Paleo Cleanse: WEEK ONE

This week went by so fast, don’t you think? I started Paleo Cleanse, on Monday. I weighed myself and I was 130 pounds. Its definitely the biggest I’ve been! Even after giving birth I weighed less. And it’s was less about the number on the scale, I just knew I had to change the way I was eating.

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Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share with you one of my FAVORITE sleeping products ever… DOCKATOT! Not only it’s my favorite but also Aria’s. She has been using DockAtot ever since she was born.

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Piper Finn

I cannot believe it’s February already! Aria is growing so fast and she is the sweetest and has the most fun personality. Aria started to walk at 9 months and I have been looking for the best shoes for my little walker.

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