Hi lovelies,

I am excited to share about my favorite play mat. It’s reversible, ultra-cushioned surface, and perfect for all ages! I change Aria’s diapers almost everyday on this mat. It’s perfect for tummy time, play dates, crawling, and sitting up. I don’t know how many times Aria spilled her drink and food on the mat, and it is so easy to clean. Aria is starting to crawl and roll over which sometimes causes her to smash her face. But when she’s on this mat it help to soften the impact.

This is the other side of the Lollaland mat. I love that one side is more playful and fun while the other side of the mat is more sophisticated and easy to match any nursery.

Aria had a playdate with her best friend Sophie (:

Absolutely love this Lollacup! Aria already loved to hold and play with this cut. Cannot wait for her to use it soon  (:

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