My handsome Meeshka (:


This is my husband Meesh Fomenko. If you spend 5 minutes with him, you’ll realize that he is a passionate, goal driven, has a heart for God and for people, loving, kind, and positive person. We met briefly on my 20th birthday when he was visiting Los Angeles.  He still lived in Seattle at that time. Little did I know that he would move to Ventura, CA few years later. And when he was in Moscow traveling for work, somebody mentioned my family living in California. When he got back from his trip, we reconnected. Became good friends and in 6 months, he asked me to be his girlfriend. The rest was history (:

I love how passionate he is! His love for life and people inspire me. Meesh travels all around the world, spreading the gospel and bringing light into hopeless and broken people. I am so proud of him! He is my best friend, greatest husband, and I know he will be the best dad for our little girl.

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