Pregnancy Progression

This was my project during my pregnancy. I decided to take weekly photos of my belly and see the progression. During my 1st trimester I was so nauseous and was throwing up few times a day. I ended up loosing close to 10 pounds!

I loved second trimester! Nausea went away and I felt much better. Belly was growing and it was more noticeable that I was pregnant.

Third trimester was by far the most uncomfortable one, especially towards the end. My belly got so big, I had no room in my stomach. If I ate full meals, I would throw up. Forget about sleeping at night! Every position was so uncomfortable. Doctors kept on saying that Aria was 6 to 7 pounds. I assumed my belly was getting so big due to the fluid in my stomach.

At 2:00am Aria Star Fomenko was born on her due date, January 18th, 2017. After a traumatizing 43 hour labor, I was holding 21.7 inches, 9.3 pound baby! Who knew that I was able to carry such a chunker! I only gained 28 pounds and within a week I almost lost all the weight.

I am so in love with my sweet Aria. Everyday she is changing and I cannot believe I’m a mama! She is a pure joy in my life.

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