Wedding – November 8, 2015

My wedding day! It was a beautiful November morning. I got up at 7AM and decided to take a walk and have some alone time. I knew once I would get back home, I would need to start getting ready for the most important day of my life. My house was hectic. I got my hair done and while getting my make up done, I received a letter from Meeshka. It was the sweetest one yet! I couldn’t wait to see him in a few hours. We had our first look at Bridge Port by my parents house. Then we drove to Pasadena and took photos with our bridal party. Then we headed to Glendale for our ceremony. I loved every moment. Walking down the aisle with papa, holding Meesh’s hand while singing a worship song, reading our vows together, and making the most important decision in our lives. I was amazing! Then the party began! We headed to Metropol Banquest Hall in Glendale, CA. We ate, danced, and partied! So grateful for everyone who was able to share that day with us. Truly blessed!

Photographer: Victoria Mulyar

Videographer: Victor Mihalchuk

Make Up: Tina / IG: styledbytinag

Hair: Manuk / IG: mike_hairstylist

Wedding video: CLICK HERE
Password: epic123

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