Hi lovelies,

i am 20 weeks pregnant this week! Cannot believe I’m half way though my pregnancy. The baby is the size of a cantaloupe. At this point, been feeling the little kits and movements daily. It’s one of my favorite part of the pregnancy (:

This pregnancy is similar to when I was pregnant with Aria. I started to get nauseas about 6 weeks into pregnancy. The only thing my body could handle to eat was carbs (ate a bagel everyday). I would throw up 2/3 times on a regular day. That lasted up to 16 weeks. Once I felt the baby swimming in my belly, nausea wet away. I lost 8-10 pounds first trimester (the same happened with I was pregnant with Aria).

But second trimester is the best! Feeling so much better! I feel like this pregnancy is flying my so quick. I think it has to do with having a toddler already haha. But it’s so sweet how much Aria loves the baby already. She kisses my tummy and says “BABY!” she’s going to be the best big sister!

We find out the sex of the baby next week, so excited! Will be announcing it shortly after that. What do you think we’re having, a boy or a girl?

Found some fun questions online:

How Far Along?

– I’m 20 weeks today (:

Weight Gain?

– The day I found out I was pregnant I was 132 pounds. During the first trimester I lost about 7 pounds from being super nauseas. But since nausea went away, I gained 5 pounds already. I weighed myself today and I’m 133.6 pounds.

Maternity Clothes?

– YES! Especially it being my third pregnancy my body knew what’s going on. I started wearing maternity pants at 11 weeks.


– Sleep is great! Just have to get up few times to pee in the middle of thee night. I now I sleep with my maternity pillow.

Best Moment Ever?

– Feeling those little kicks. Now Meesh can feels them also. And Aria kissing my tummy every morning.

Baby Movement?

– YES! This one is an active one (:

Food Craving?

– Nothing in particular. I love bagels, but I always did. And Cocoa Puffs cereal is something that I love now. Also, cold berries are my fav!

Anything Making You Queasy?

– First trimester I was super sensitive to smell. In the mornings I could not go to Aria’s room because it smelled like pee haha. I remember walking in and running 0ut puking in the bathroom. Now I feel much better!


– Finding out next week (:

Something You’re Looking Forward To?

– Holding an infant. I miss babies so much. And can’t wait to see Aria as a big sister (:

When I was pregnant with Aria, I would take weekly photos. And this time I decided to take photos every 4 weeks staring with 12 weeks. My bump is slowly growing (: If you are pregnant I defiantly recommend to take bump photos. It’s so fun to go through and show your little on later on.

Here what I did when I was pregnant with Aria (:

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