Believe For 2018

Happy New Year friends! Every year since Meesh and I have been married, we wrote down our “New Year Goals”. But instead of naming them “goals” we made two categories, “Thankful For” and “Believing For”. We write down all the things we can think of that we were thankful for last year, and things that we believe that are going to happen this year. I love having this tradition and sitting together with Meesh and putting a check mark on things that we have believed for. Of course, there are always something that did not happen and I usually just write them down again under my “Believe For” category for this year. Here are few things I wanted to share that I wrote down for my “Believe For 2018”:


Last year I became a mom. And I feel like my whole life was turned upside down. In a good way of course! haha. But this year, I really want to concentrate on spending more quality time with Meesh and Aria. One thing that I wrote down was to have a date night once a week with Meesh. And being a mom, I noticed how much time goes by so fast! I feel like I’m cleaning and cooking and changing diapers whole day long. Wanted to take moments and put my phone away and spend at least an hour a day to just play with Aria. I cannot believe she is turning one next week! Want to cherish every single moment with my family.


With our church, we have started 21 days of fasting (Daniel’s Fast). It consists of not eating meat, dairy, and sweets. I am excited to detox my body, especially after the holidays. We are also reading a Bible plan. And it’s so great to get a cleanse of body, soul, and spirit. Also, my gold is to do something active everyday. Either take Aria to a park or take a family hike.


This year I want to be more dedicative to writing a  blog at least once a week. And doing more hair and make up tutorials. I have my cosmetology license and always loved beautiful things. Cannot wait to encourage and teach what I know.


I love watching a show at night and eating a snack before I go to sleep. I want to change that habit and set a goal to read one book per month. I am doing a reading plan to finish my Bible in one year. But would love to do some other reading. Comment below if you have any good recommendations.

Happy 2018!

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