Best baby product for sniffles and sleep

Hi friends! Aria started to have a runny and stuffy nose, probably because she has been teething again, and I always had trouble cleaning her nose. I finally came across THE best product for nasal cleaning, it’s called CLEARinse. I have tried so many different products like NoseFriday and Aria hated them so much! I was always unable to clean her nose and that made it difficult for her to eat, sleep, and breath. With CLEARinse it has been so easy to clean Aria’s nose and she is even able to do it on her own. This is such a great product because CLEARinse uses saline to loosen congestion before removing congestion, while you hold and comfort your baby. Definitely recommend this product!

Aria has always fallen asleep with music or some soft of sort sound. Ever since Aria has been a baby I’ve turned on the Baby Shusher and she would fall asleep in seconds. Baby Shusher has a speaker on the bottom and it should be facing towards your baby, so they can hear and engage with the rhythmic shush. We travel a lot with our family, and Baby Shusher has been an amazing product to travel with. But make sure not use it in or near water. If you have a new born or an infant I would definitely recommend Baby Shusher, it has helped me so much!

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