Welcome to New York!

My first time to New York City! It was absolutely amazing! The first thing Meesh and I got was bagels. They were delicious! (bagels are probably my favorite food haha). Then we took the subway to Manhattan to our “W Hotel”. There is so much to see in NYC! Let me tell you some of the spots that I got to see for the first time (:I loved the Plaza Hotel where they filmed “Home Alone” movies. Central Park was magical! Walking around the park made me feel like I was in a movie. Kissing at the Grand Central Station, was like being in an episode of “Gossip Girl” haha. On our way to Brooklyn Bridge, we stopped by to see the Charging Bull.

National September 11 Memorial Museum was heartbreaking! Seeing all the name engraved and the people that were affected on that tragic day was a surreal experience. Time Square was such a beautiful mess! Sea of people everywhere, lights everywhere, and such a unique atmosphere. We went to the Broadway show, “Matilda” I definitely recommend it!

Those were the few spots that we got to see. I was about 7 weeks pregnant at that time and was feeling so nauseas. Could not walk for a long time but we made the best of it. Food is amazing! Cannot wait to go back, and explore New York again.

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